I qualified as an EzFlow educator in October 2008, gained Master Artist Educator status in February 2011 and then in January 2015 i gained International Master Artist Educator status. I am passionately committed to providing quality nail training in the area.

EzFlow are at the forefront of technology, leading the way in innovation with quality products and training.

Mimi’s Nail Salon and Training Academy is smart, modern and comfortable with all necessary requirements for
training under one roof. If you’ve ever considered a career in nails then this is the place to start and continue along that journey.

Mimi’s offers courses for complete beginners and experienced techs alike. Start with a beginners Acrylic or if already a tech using other products why not try a conversion to see how much more EzFlow could do for you?

We offer salon trends workshops to tap into the latest nail trends. If you’re looking for a challenge the Master Artists Programme is the ultimate qualification with Ezflow and then why not explore the possibility of becoming one of our educators?

1-2-1 or 1-2-2 workshops are available upon request for skill building and improving confidence for qualified technicians.

So take the plunge and enjoy your journey!


Introductory Classes

Manicure / Pedicure Class

(1 day)
£125 + vat each

The EzFlow Manicure or Pedicure Class is a comprehensive day designed for a person with little or no knowledge
of the natural nail, or for existing nail technicians wishing to add natural nail care (manicure or pedicure) to their service menu and to gain an added qualification. This course is perfect to give you a thorough understanding of the theory you will need, setting you apart as a true professional.

You will need: a model and SPA Elements kit £52 +vat.


Acrylic Intro Class

(4 days)
£395 + vat

EzFlow’s Acrylic Intro Class offers a start for the student wishing to become a nail technician using the EzFlow Acrylic System. The technology behind each product will be fully explained so that correct techniques become simple. Continued practice enables our students to create natural looking nail enhancements for their clients almost immediately.

Certification upon successful completion of the course enabling the technician to gain public liability insurance.

You will need: a model (on days 2, 3 and 4), tools of the trade, professional attire, Proline Acrylic Kit £152 + vat.


Express Manicure and Gel Polish Application

(1 day)
£95 + vat

Manicure and gel polish application for beginners. Certificate on completion to allow technician to apply for public liability insurance.

You will need: a model (on days 2, 3 and 4), tools of the trade and professional attire.


Intermediate Classes

Gel Polish (Tru Gel) workshop

(1/2 day)
£50 + vat

Learn how to safely apply, remove and design with EzFlow’s Tru Gel. Gel polish has become the most innovative, popular treatment to hit the nail industry in years. A previous manicure certificate is the minimum qualification required to do this course. (1 Day) £95+vat or expression + gel polish in (1 day).

Gel polish available to buy individually or as part of a kit, please contact us for more information.


Progression Classes

(2 days)
£195 + vat

EzFlow Progression Classes are for experienced Nail Technicians wishing to extend or include another system to their range of services. Technicians undertaking an EzFlow Progression Class must have at least 6 months working knowledge of an enhancement system. Available classes are Acrylic Progression, Gel Progression and Fibreglass & Silk Progression.

You will need: a model, tools of the trade, professional attire, a full working kit in the chosen system.


Conversion Classes

(1 day)
£125 + vat

EzFlow Conversion Classes are for certified Nail Technicians who have a working familiarity with another brand
of Acrylic, Builder Gel and want to convert to EzFlow.

Courses available are Acrylic Conversion, Gel Conversion, Fibreglass and Silk Conversion.

You will need: a model, tools of the trade, professional attire, a full working kit in the chosen system.


Intermediate Classes

Acrylic Design

(1 day)
£125 + vat

EzFlow’s fun and exciting Design Coloured Acrylic Class is for practicing Nail Techs wanting to enhance their existing skill levels by adding acrylic design and colour to their nail services. Also to prepare for the Master Artist Programme. The class covers colour fades, inlay designs, 3-D work, fun French and glitter designs.

You will need: a model, tools of the trade, professional attire, full design kit.

1-2-1 workshops – (£125 1/2 day) (£250 Full Day)


Trends Workshops

(1 day)
£95-£125 +vat

See our Facebook page for current trends workshops.
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The Master Artist Programme

(1-4 days)
£175 + vat

The Master Artist Programme is aimed at the experienced EzFlow nail professional who wants to achieve a higher
skill level and recognition within the industry. These classes are specifically designed to increase the technician’s understanding of product application and nail structure by perfecting advanced techniques and reinforcing a deeper understanding of the EzFlow product range and its performance.

These specialised courses have been developed for experienced EzFlow nail technicians or students who have successfully completed the EzFlow Introductory and Intermediate classes. Technicians who have achieved a high level of nail education from another company will be considered on application. With completion of the Master Artist Programme you can proudly expand your services in the market place, create further career opportunities and generate a greater income.

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